Friday, January 25, 2008

8 to 4? it was never close.

Wow, talk about coming out flat and yet again on home ice which is making me doubtful on buying tickets when the Canucks play here a week from today.

Johan let three of the softest goals I have ever seen get passed him in the first period and with that Kari Ramo was thrown into net because down 3 after one period of play isn't something you can't come back against but no, two more goals would be scored before the lightning could get a goal passed Gerber. Tampa won the season series from the Sens though going 2-1-1 and getting 5 of 8 points but this last defeat comes at a time when they could have crawled within 3 points of first place but did not and now the same talk and worries will be talked over and about all weekend while the NHL all-star game is being played.

Boyle was called into action tonight and had two goals and he got better as he got more time on the ice and I can tell the Bolts need him more than ever. Powerplay wise he brings another element in stick handling the puck into the zone rather than Ritchie grabbing the redline
and dumping the puck into the zone.

blah, I am tired.

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