Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tampa came out looking good and with tons of energy but after Miller denied the bolts of a few goals on great scoring chances it didn't take but one or two rushes to score without much effort on Johan. I can't believe I think John Graham was a better option at the time rather than this asshole who can't stay square in the net and all his angels just look bad. It was 4 to 0 mid way into the second and the bolts would get 2 goals but it was never even close to a game after the ten minute mark of the first.

Let Kari Ramo have a run with things because the Sweede project is over and never would be too soon to see him in a net again. Give Ramo the chance the rest of the year to see what he can do with it because this year is over and I would like to know where we will stand in 08-09. I hate the Verses network and the anchors fishing for dead stories or hyping shit up just for the sake of hype.

Trading Marty StLouis for Turco of the Stars? You fucking kidding me? That trade makes no sense to me what so ever and would break my heart if it was to come to daylight but I am sure this isn't going to happen and I expect Boyle to get dealt at the trade deadline but in the off season re-sign with Tampa so that would be awesome for Tampa to maybe pick up a young kid or two for his services.

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